Nude man found stranded in Chikumanino

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Nude man found stranded in Chikumanino

Kasama, February 26, ZANIS ——- Residents in Chikumanino township of Kasama yesterday woke up to a rude shock when they found a nude man at one of the houses in the area.

The 25 year old man only identified as Zayellow is alleged to have been practicing Satanism.

Victoria Mulenga told ZANIS that the suspected Satanist is a casual worker at a named bar in Chikumanino area.

Ms Mulenga said the suspect who is believed to have been locked up in the bar after end of business day shocked other workers after he was found naked at some people’s home.

She said a check at the bar revealed that everything was intact but wondered how he found his way out of the building.

Ms Mulenga further narrated that the suspect was found by her mother on the flower bed when she woke up around 05:00 hours.

She said her mother was shocked to find a nude man with blood on his body and screamed for help.

Ms Mulenga also said that when people started praying the suspect started shouting fire while moving like a snake.

She said the suspect was only picked up by police and taken to Kasama General Hospital after 08:00hours.

And a check by ZANIS found stains of blood on some parts of the house and on some trees and found broken window panes at Victory Bible Church.

Cases of suspected Satanist have become common in Kasama.