Hakainde Hichilema arrested in connection with murder of PF cadre

 Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been finally arrested in Livingstone .

The opposition Leader‘s arrest is in connection with the brutal murder of the ruling PF cadre Harrison Chanda.

ZANIS reports that Police sources confirmed the arrest of the opposition leader in an interview in Livingstone, today.

However, they could not go into details but referred all queries to Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela for details.

However, the police sources said Mr. Hichilema has been arrested to assist police with investigations in the murder of Mr. Chanda.

The development has triggered further clashes between PF and UPND cadres. However quick action by the alert Police quelled the crisis before it degenerated into further violence.

Police fired tear-gas to disperse the cadres as curious onlookers scampered in all directions for their safety.

Also involved in the rumpus were some shop owners who were later forced to close their shops.

The late Mr. Chanda was hacked to death in Livingstone yesterday.

Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the death said Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo and his counterpart for Kalomo Request Muntanga are among the suspects arrested and detained by the police in connection with the death of the PF cadre.

She said the police are also looking for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for questioning.

Fresh violence is said to have broken out Monday evening in Livingstone between UPND and PF cadres in resulting in the death of a suspected PF cadre from Lusaka.

It is alleged that drunk PF cadres drove to the UPND camp in Mosi-o-Tunya area and started throwing stones and other weapons at the UPND campaign center at the time the UPND team were having their meals resulting in the confrontation.

As Police investigate the killing of the PF cadre, we urge them to be firm but fair and professional so that they do not end up making arbitrary arrests and in the process victimizing innocent people.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Commission has expressed disappointment over the continued unfair practices by different stakeholders, which in one way or another, will contribute negatively towards the holding of free and fair elections in the Mpongwe and Livingstone parliamentary by elections taking place on February 28, 2013.



  1. Iwe kamalasha, thats why there is deforestation in Zambia beacuse of you. Should the Government let murder unresolved simply because one mailoni chap is connected. yaba

    • This is foolish, why did HH even get arrest ed, they are just making him famous. Moreover the story of the day is that the pf killed chanda becausd of money, it has been heard today. Arresting innocent people, very stupid.

  2. I don't get it, why is it that in Zambia, every current president seems to go after their predecessor? I don't get it. Chiluba against KK, Muwanawasa against Chiluba, etc, it's madness