Zambian ISP Service offering marketing blurbs


With so many ISPs claiming to be the best or offer ” the fastest link to the Internet” , leading corporate network service provider (NSP) in Zambia, more bandwidth via satellite than any other Zambian ISP, simple for customers to use and support …..etc, why are the services so expensive and bandwidth so poor?  What has been your experience with internet access in Zambia, have you seen an improvement over the years? Do you know a better ISP?


ZAMNET – Internet Service Provider 
ZAMNET Communication Systems Ltd is Zambia’s first fully featured Internet Service provider. Our goal is to make our customers have access to the Internet. We do this by providing the fastest link to the Internet in the country which is affordable to corporate organisations and individuals.

UUNET – Internet Service Provider 
UUNET Zambia, a UUNET SA and Africa Online joint venture company, is a leading corporate network service provider (NSP) in Zambia. UUNET’s global IP network is at the heart of our ability to provide a full range of communications solutions.

CopperNET Services – Internet Service Provider 
Internet Service Provider and Oracle database consultants. CopperNET Solutions is an incorporated company, provides leading edge technology in Zambia`s Information Technology industry. The company was incorporated in 1999 after a successful management buy-out from the conglomerate Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM). The buy-out was as a result of the privatisation exercise embarked upon by the Zambian Government.

ZAMTEL – Internet Service Provider 
The Zambia Telecommunications Company ltd (ZAMTEL) is a market leader in the information Communications technology (ICT) industry. In order to remain competitive, ZAMTEL shall continue to play a dominant role in the ICT industry by identifying and fully exploiting strategic opportunities that exist globally.

Microlink Technologies Limited – Internet Service Provider 
Internet Service Provider offering broadband and dial-up services. Established in 2001, Microlink is now one of the pre-eminent Internet Service providers in Zambia. With over 20 MB of bandwidth, it takes more bandwidth via satellite than any other Zambian ISP. Microlink’s philosophy is to try and provide what the customer needs at a competitive price, backed by solid customer and technical support. – Internet Service Provider 
Internet Service Provider offering broadband and dial-up services. Semisoft Zambia Limited is a company registered in Zambia to help Zambian businesses exist on the Internet,the new frontier in Global business. Our products and services empower people to explore the world trends in Computers, the Internet and Websites. We offer user-friendly,easy to update modulation system for websites – it basically is a do-it yourself online package for website designing.

Webcentric – Internet Service Provider 
Webcentric Limited is your partner in information technology solutions. Webcentric operates in Zambia and offers solutions to a range of clients in Zambia and other countries in Africa. Webcentric Limited is an information technology registered company.

MTN Zambia – Internet Service Provider 
MTN’s vision is to be the leader in “telecommunications in developing markets.” The leadership is derived from our foresight, commitment and guidance to extract value in markets where we see growth opportunities and critical mass.

Celtel Zambia – Internet Service Provider 
Celtel Zambia Limited was launched in 1998. We are Zambia’s most innovative mobile phone operator and we have been and continue to be leaders in innovation in our business.
BringCom Zambia – Internet Service Provider 
BringCom Zambia Ltd is an Internet Service Provider offering Broadband Wireless and VSAT services for Internet connectivity in rural and urban areas of Zambia. Our services include broadband VSAT and wireless access for Internet and data services.

AfriConnect – Internet Service Provider 
Our solutions are specifically designed to be resilient in the remote or harsh environments in which they are deployed, and simple for customers to use and support.

Quick Edge – Internet Service Provider 
Quick Edge Ltd is a company established under Zambian laws and registered in Lusaka. As the world advances in the field of Information Technology, it is our privilege to give the best connectivity and most cost effective communication solution for your business. We provide Flex IP, Ku-band and C-band communication systems.

iConnect – Internet Service Provider 
With iConnect you get the fastest internet speeds in Zambia… and it’s available in Lusaka, Livingstone, Kabwe, Kitwe, Ndola and Namwala! iConnect is up to 20 times faster than dial-up internet access, but that’s not all. It’s cheaper too, because there are no phone call charges. In fact, you don’t even need a phone!