Three Kabwe Brothers on trial for murder by firearm at Kabwe High Court

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A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Chibombo has told the Kabwe High Court how three brothers allegedly conspired to shoot his older brother who later died.

This is in the matter where three brothers Raydon Siame, Jasper Siame and Kapufi Siame are being tried by Kabwe High Court judge Elita Mwikisa for the murder of Boyd Chilwani, contrary to section 200 of Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.
The brothers were committed to Kabwe High Court for trial by the Kabwe magistrate’s court.
Testifying before Ms Justice Mwikisa last Thursday, Moses Chilwani said the shooting of his older brother in September last year arose from differences his family and the Siame family were having.
Mr Chilwani told the court that the brothers, their father Nkanka Mwanza and their mother were insulting his parents, accusing them of bewitching a member of their family.
“These people were insulting us and we decided to take the matter to the headman but they did not come for the meeting when they were summoned,” he said.
Mr Chilwani said when the matter was referred to Chief Liteta, he banished the Siames from the village in October for defying him and they settled in Musopelo village.
He said the family returned in September without the permission of Chief Liteta or headman Chilwani and the matter was reported to Keembe police.
He said on the day his brother was shot, he was with him and his other brother Owen when they saw Raydon with Jasper and Kapufi approaching from the opposite direction.
He said Raydon who was about 40 metres from them had a brown and black firearm and his brothers were urging him to shoot at them.
Boyd Chilwani was shot in the left eye and Owen’s bicycle and plates were allegedly damaged by Raydon later on the same evening, the witness said.
He said Mr Chilwani was taken to a local health centre but his health deteriorated and he was referred to Kabwe General Hospital where he died.
The three brothers were arrested in connection with his death. Trial continues.