ZIALE urges law schools to prioritise quality

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ZIALE urges law schools to prioritise quality


Lusaka, February 25, ZANIS—-Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) Director Enoch Mulembe has urged Law Schools to put priority on producing quality graduates and not simply offloading large numbers of graduates.


Mr. Mulembe said ZIALE in its 2012 to 2016 strategic plan wishes to introduce an accreditation committee that will be responsible for approving schools of law.


In a statement made available to ZANIS today Mr. Mulembe said the committee will ensure that all registered universities offering Bachelor of Law degrees strictly adhere to the specified minimum standards and produce quality graduates.


He said accreditation which will be done through the committee will ensure that law schools are not established simply to meet surging demand for degrees in law but by putting in place facilities and programs that are competitive both local and  international.


Mr. Mulembe said these developments will enhance and improve the education standards of lawyers adding that those schools that will not improve their stands will find it difficult to contribute students to ZIALE.


He further said the institute will this year embark on restructuring its curriculum following the low pass rates.


Mr. Mulemba said ZIALE endeavours to ensure that Zambia produces lawyers that can compete on an international level.


He said it is the institutes desire to ensure that it trains lawyers that are able to respond to the demands of the modern socio-economic environment.


Mr. Mulembe said despite the unfavourable assertions of the low pass rate and few learners’ admission to the bar notwithstanding the large number of enrolment, the institute strives to ensure that it achieves the highest standards possible in the training of lawyers.


He advised all Law Schools in Zambia to re-examine their accreditation in regard to the bachelor of degree programmes they offer.


Mr. Mulembe said since challenged stakeholders to take time and examines the laws upon which ZIALE stands in its business.


He said ZIALE is open to constructive views from all stakeholders on how best to improve the operations of the institute.