Kalomo district on threat of water crisis

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–A water crisis is looming in Kalomo district of Southern Province and the problem will affect over 11,000 people if a dam is not reconstructed at B Williams Bridge.

Southern Water and Sewerage Company acting Managing Director Charles Shindaile says Kalomo district will not have water for the rest of the year if a dam is not built at B Williams bridge to conserve water which was currently flowing freely.

Mr Shindaile said Kalomo was dependent on surface water as it could not access ground water due to a thick rock basement in the area which went as deep as 120 metres.

Mr Shindaile said KR 540, 000 was needed to construct a dam following the collapse of the previous one on February 13 this year.

The water utility company Managing Director said this when Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba visited the site of the collapsed dam in Kalomo today.

Mr Shindaile revealed that the previous dam was built in 1962 and consisted mainly of clay and stones which had become weak over the years.

He however, stated that once the funds were availed, the new dam would be constructed using concrete core to ensure it was stronger than the previous one.

 Mr Shindaile stated that currently SWASCO was supplying water to its 11,400 clients directly from the stream after treating it.

He appealed to Mr Kalaba to ensure funds and five tipper trucks were availed round the clock for the dam to be constructed as soon as possible as heavy rains could disrupt the works.

And Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba was concerned that 11,400 people would not have access to water if government did not intervene.

Mr Kalaba said government would avail the funds soon to avoid endangering the lives of its people and as such would engage other wings within government to address the situation within 10 days.

He noted that failure to conserve the water that was currently flowing in the stream would present a huge problem as it would dry up within a short period in the absence of a dam.