Distribution of funds pleases DC

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Distribution of funds pleases DC


Solwezi, February 25, ZANIS ——-Zambezi District Commissioner Catherine Mukuma is happy with the manner the department of Social Welfare in the area is implementing the social cash transfer scheme.


Ms Mukuma said over the weekend that her office has observed that areas where the social cash transfer scheme is being implemented, elderly and vulnerable people who were neglected and living in poverty have regained control of their lives.


She also said that her office has not received a single complaint about the implementation of the social cash transfer scheme in the district.


Ms Mukuma said her office has not received any complaint from the beneficiaries of the funds but all she has seen is the excitement by beneficiaries about how the welfare scheme that pays cash to elderly and vulnerable has helped them to meet the basic needs of life.


She said her office has also continued to receive demands from the community that the programme must be scaled up to include more elderly and vulnerable people who were left out.


She explained that this is a sign that the programme has been accepted and is creating an impact in the community because of good implementation.


“The scheme has made an impact, more people are coming asking to be included because they have seen how it has contributed to improving the lives of elderly and vulnerable people who can no longer work but are able to buy basic needs now,” Ms Mukuma said.


The District Commissioner was speaking in Lunkuni and Dipalata communities where she witnessed Social Welfare officers and the Community Welfare Assistance committee members pay out cash to intended beneficiaries.


Government through funding from cooperating partners releases KR256,000 every two months to Zambezi district for social cash transfer scheme that is benefiting 1,946 elderly and vulnerable people.


Ms Mukuma told the people of Lunkuni and Dipalata that the social cash transfer programme is not politics of giving handouts but a desire by government to provide assistance to elderly and vulnerable people who are unable to work.


She urged social welfare assistance committee members to ensure that only the deserving groups benefit from the scheme, while government was looking at ways to scale up the programme.


She also assured those left out on the cash transfer welfare-roll not to despair, saying the scheme is only providing assistance to a few people because it is just starting but government’s intentions are to scale up the programme to cover everyone in need.  


And a 75-year elderly woman, Chiyana Chiyengi said the KR120.00 she receives under social cash transfer has enabled her to lead a normal life as she manages to buy basic needs despite that she is old and has no close able bodied relative to look after her in Dipalata.


And Zambezi District Welfare Assistance Committee Chairperson Morton Kapumo praised government for the social cash transfer scheme which he said has improved the lives of old people who were neglected in the past.


Mr Kapumo appealed to government to scale up the programme so that more vulnerable people who are longing to be on the scheme can be included.