Cooperative farmers fail to receive D Compound fertilizer

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Cooperative farmers fail to receive D Compound fertilizer

Nchelenge, February 25, ZANIS ——Two farmers cooperatives in Nchelenge district have not yet received D-Compound fertilizer under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

Nchelenge District Agricultural Co-ordinator (DACO), Davis Mwansasu and Nyiombo Nchelenge Depot Clerk, Getrude Mfune both confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview today.

Mr Mwansasu named the affected cooperatives as Muchelenge and Mukwakwa.

He said the cooperatives have each not yet received a balance of 137 x50 kilograms and 70 x50 kilograms bags of D-Compound fertilizer respectively.

The DACO explained that the delay in the farmers receiving the input has been caused by Nyiombo, which delivered about 300 bags of Urea and 300 bags of D-Compound Fertilizer to the district, which were later condemned as damaged.

And Nyiombo Nchelenge Depot Clerk, Getrude Mfune has said the Company has started loading the Fertilizer in question at its Mpika Depot destined for delivery to Nchelenge.

She said an additional 150 packs of fertilizer which has not also been delivered to the District is  among the Fertilizer that is being loaded.

Ms Mfune said the contraband is scheduled to arrive in the District early week.

Meanwhile, The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) in Nchelenge has advised Farmers not use the D-Compound they will receive and has instead advised that it be kept for the 2013/2014 Farming Season.

Zambia National Farmers Union Field Facilitator for Nchelenge District, Mabvuto Nkhuwa says D-Compound is a basal dressing which is supposed to be applied when the maize is about knee level.

He explained that the Fertilizer is rich in elements that promote growth of plant and applying it after the crops have tussled will be wasting the soil enriching commodity.