Dora Siliya

I would like to confirm that I was summoned to appear before the Joint Team of Investigators comprised of the Zambia Police Force, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Anti-Corruption Commission.

It is not my intention to discuss the said interview in the public media, however I can confirm that I exercised my constitutional right to remain silent on the issue relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners of the Cayman Islands relative to the sale of ZAMTEL and I was advised that the Joint Team of Investigators would contact me in due course.

I would like to state that the matters relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners on the sale of ZAMTEL are all in the public domain and were subject of the proceedings of the Tribunal constituted by the Honourable Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia whose findings are contained in a Report submitted by the Tribunal to the Republican President. I must add that I was absolved of any wrong doing and duly exonerated of allegations of Abuse of Office even after the matter was subjected to the High Court and the Supreme Court of Zambia.

Additionally, when the Patriotic Front took over Government, a Commission of Inquiry was constituted to investigate the same issue. The findings of the Commission of Inquiry are yet to be made public.

The engagement of RP Capital Advisors and the final transaction for the sale of ZAMTEL have been subjected to various approval authorities inter alia; Cabinet, The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and the Ministry of Justice. The matter has been settled in the past but it appears that it has a tendency of being rekindled over and over again.

It is my hope that the State Agents will consider the abundant material at its disposal in a professional manner so that a full inquiry is made and not just to embark on a witch hunt designed to persecute what are deemed as political opponents.

Needless to state that the process of instituting unnecessary investigations and prosecutions are not free of costs and will always result in colossal amounts of tax payers’ funds being channelled to achieve the same at the expense of devoting the said funds to developmental projects that will ultimately result in a better standard of living for our citizens.

Thank you.

Dated this 18th day of February 2013.

Dora Siliya., M.P