From West Virginia to Zambia on a Mission to help the needy

A Mission From God

As a missionary in Africa, Wellsburg native Jacob Schwertfeger has endured a roving and hungry lion, getting lost in the bush and being shaken down by crooked cops for money.

But it has all been for a good cause – to serve the Lord by helping people in dire need of basic necessities such as clean water wells.

Schwertfeger and his wife, Jessi (Hall) Schwertfeger, both 2002 graduates of Brooke High School, decided to pursue becoming missionaries after graduating from college.

Seven years later, they have ministered to and helped thousands in Zambia. The couple has three children: Sunda, 7, who they adopted from an orphanage in Zambia; Kya, 3, who is their first child together born in South Africa; and Noah, 8 weeks old, born in Pittsburgh.

“I had a rebellious season of my life coming out of a Christian home in high school,” Schwertfeger, the son of Norm and Jeanie Schwertfeger, said. “The Lord spoke to my heart and my senior year of high school is when I made an all or nothing commitment to Jesus.”

During their senior year of high school, Schwertfeger and his then-girlfriend Jessi Hall decided together they wanted to become missionaries after first pursuing college degrees.

While at West Virginia Wesleyan College, Schwertfeger began attending the Way of Holiness Church, which gave him his first opportunity to see Africa through a ministry called Sons of Thunder.

With a group of 15 other students, he ventured on a three-month mission to Zambia – the country where he and his future wife decided to begin dedicating their lives to helping others.

After taking a year off after college to raise money for their mission trip, the couple married in ….. READ MORE