Mvuvy Bridge in Petauke on verge of collapse

The road from Petauke

Chieftainess Mwanjawanthu of the Nsenga people in Petauke district has called on government to quickly put up a permanent bridge on Mvuvye River to connect chiefs Mumbi and Mwanjawanthu to the
rest of the District.

Chieftainess Mwanjabanthu said the bridge that connects the two chiefdoms to the rest of the districts posed a danger as it was weak and could collapse any time.

She told ZANIS in Petauke yesterday that the temporary bridge that was built some years ago had outlived its life span and if not replaced there would be no economic and social activities between the two areas across the Mvuvye River.

Chieftainess Mwanjawanthu explained that the plunks that were placed on the bridge were broken, forcing people to use the longer route through Kaulu.

The traditional ruler also lamented the poor road network from the Great East Road to her palace.

She explained that the population of vehicles increased during the marketing season as most farmers ferry agricultural produce to various markets within and outside the district, hence the need to have good road infrastructure.

She said the main road to her palace had become impassable and feared that people could be cut off from the rest of the areas if nothing was done as a matter of urgency.

The Chieftainess noted that in any given society, communication was important for national development and that with bad road network could result in communication breakdown that would negatively affect people’s ambitions and goals to develop.