Govt to procure security equipment for Mukobeko Maximum Prison

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–Government will soon procure equipment to enhance security at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe following the escape of three death-row inmates from the prison two weeks ago.

In a statement to parliament following a point of order raised by Kasempa Member of Parliament Kabinga Pande on Tuesday this week, who alleged that 16 prisoners were beaten to death by prison recruits at Mukobeko Prison, Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu said no prisoner was beaten to death at the prison at the stated time or any other time.

Mr Lungu explained that after discovering that the three condemned prisoners escaped using a sharp metal which they used to cut the bars of the cells, a search was conducted for any prohibited articles such as phones and sharp objects that posed a danger to the security at the prison.

Mr Lungu stated that the inmates resisted the search and in the process, abducted one prison wader.

He said after the abduction of the warder, 300 prison recruits were brought to the prison as reinforcement, and the abducted warder was rescued.

The minister disclosed that some prisoners were found in possession of marijuana, and some with prohibited articles like sharp objects which were confiscated from them.

Mr Lungu said the point of order raised by Mr Pande was not only misleading, but alarming to the families of inmates in the prison and the public as a whole.

He said an inquiry has since been instituted to determine how the escape could have happened, adding that visiting has been suspended as a safety precaution.

Mr Lungu said the situation at the prison has since returned to normal, adding that government is looking at ways to reinforce security at the prison using new equipment.