Opposition claims popular in Mpongwe

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Opposition claims popular in Mpongwe


Ndola, February 21, ZANIS —— Opposition political parties in Mpongwe say they are better placed to bring about development to the people of the area once voted into parliament next week.


National Restoration Party (NAREP) aspiring parliamentary candidate Regan Ndhlovu said with only seven days before elections are held next Thursday, he claimed he is the only one who understood the problems of area well than anyone else since he was born and brought up in Mpongwe.


Mr Ndhlovu told a ZANIS news crew in the area yesterday that the people in the area have suffered long enough and past leaders have done little to bring about development.


He said feeder roads were still impassable and that infrastructure was still poor.


Mr Ndhlovu said NAREP was bringing new ideas and that people should use new people unlike recycling individuals.


UNIP candidate Ken Kuveya said once he is voted into office, he will ensure that Mpongwe becomes a food basket for the Copperbelt and country as a whole.


Mr Kuveya said the area had enough arable land but lacked support to capacity build the people to become serious farmers.


He also echoed calls to have feeder roads in the area worked on, adding that the poor state of roads has made it difficult for locals to transport their produce effectively and also easily access health services.


Mr Kuveya said it was pleasing that people in the area still loved UNIP and are willing to vote for him on the 28th February 2013 next week when the by elections are held.


But both parties expressed sadness at the intimidation and threatening style of campaigns the ruling Patriotic Front was carrying out.


They charged that the campaign so far cannot be described as free and fair because incidents of beatings and harassments have been recorded of which police were even aware of.


Mr Ndhlovu cited an incident where he was wrongly charged for an offence which he never committed, saying such tactics used on the opposition were not fair.


NAREP Campaign Manager Kingfred Ramsey also expressed disappointment with the way police were handling cases of violence and harassment from the PF been reported.


He said there was need for fair hearing with complaints if the campaigns are to be fair.


Mr Ramsey said NAREP valued peace and coexistent and wants the election process to be peaceful.


And UNIP Member of the Central Committee (MCC) Chigaga Banda said UNIP was winning the elections in Mpongwe as his party has a strong candidate.


Mr Banda said the party will intensify on its campaigns and hold more public meetings in readiness for the polls.