Government to institute inquiry in ZESCO, INDENI, TAZAMA

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The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development will soon institute an inquiry into Zambia Electricity Supply corporation (ZESCO), INDENI Oil Refineries and TAZAMA Pipelines’ alleged operations without a strategic plan since 2007.


In an interview with ZANIS, Energy Minister Yamfwa Mukanga said the investigations will be instituted to ascertain the matter.


Mr. Mukanga said such instrumental institutions should not work without guidelines because this will affect the country’s productivity.


He further pledged government’s commitment to ensuring that there was transparency and accountability not only in key sectors but in all public institutions.


He said government would ensure that a plan is devised to offer operational guidance.


This follows revelations in the recent Auditor General’s report that ZESCO, TAZAMA pipelines and INDENI Oil Refinery have been operating without a strategic plan since the 2007 plan expired.


The report stated that the situation had made it difficult for maintenance works and evaluation of operations to be conducted.