PS orders Health Managers to keep clinic clean

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PS orders Health Managers to keep clinic clean

Nchelenge, February 20, ZANIS ——- Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba has called on Health Centre managers in the province to keep the health facilities clean.

Mrs Muyaba made the call when she made a stop over at Mutono Health Center in Nchelenge where she found the clinic floors very dusty and littered all over without anyone being concerned.

She also observed that the clinic surrounding was overgrown with grass which could be a home to harmful reptiles which could be a danger to the lives of the people coming to the health facility for medical attention.

The Permanent Secretary was not impressed with the situation and immediately summoned the District Medical Officer Davis Mwewa to give his version on the matter.

She was further dismayed when she was told that the three Daily Classified employees had knocked off  around 13.00 hours instead of the normal 17.00 hours.

And a Cleaner at the health centre Joseph Chiwele disclosed that there was a problem of water supply as the nearby borehole had no sufficient water to service the clinic.

Mr Chiwele said the water at the borehole only becomes available for two hours in the morning and remains dry for the rest of the day.

He said the health centre was also grappling with intermittent power supply because of low voltage which negatively affected various procedures which the Clinic should be undertaking.

And Nchelenge District Administrative Officer Gift Hajongola said the clinic is supposed to be a Stage two clinic and operate 24 hours but insufficient equipment was a challenge and lack of running water compounded the situation.

Mr Hajongolo added that plans to put up a borehole for the clinic were approved but nothing has been done due to lack of funds.