Govt. warns mining investors flouting the Environmental Act

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Government says it will not take kindly to any mining investors flouting the Environmental Act and has vowed to shut down any mining company that fails to adhere to the law.

Mines, Energy and Water development Minister Yanfwa Mukanga told ZANIS in an interview that it was mandatory for all investors wishing to conduct mining activities in the country to comply with laid down laws regarding environmental protection.


Mr. Mukanga said government will only tolerate mining companies that ensure that they have means of cushioning and reducing environmental pollution to safeguard both human life and the environment.


He said his ministry will not hesitate to repossess mines that fail to comply with laid down procedure with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and degradation.


This follows calls to government by various stakeholders for the enactment of stiffer laws on mine that cause health threats through environmental pollution.


Recently, 104 farmers in Chambeshi complained of their crops and vegetation being scorched by sulphur dioxide which was being released from a Chinese owned Chambeshi copper smelter.

Following government’s interventions, the company has since agreed to compensate the affected individuals and reduce on the gas emissions.


 Meanwhile, Mr. Mukanga disclosed that government has repossessed Collum Coal Mines for non compliance and failure to meet laid down regulations for them to continue with their mining activities.


He said that this should serve as an example that government is bent on ensuring the safety of humans through the provision of a sustainable environment.