Couple arrested for child murder

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Couple arrested for child murder


Luwingu, February 20, ZANIS ——– Police in Luwingu district in the Northern Province have arrested a couple for allegedly causing death of their three year old child whom they dipped hands in the boiling water as the way of punishing her for eating beans meant for lunch and super.


While the other boy child aged 5 is battling for his life at the district hospital after going through the similar punishment.


Northern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda and Luwingu Police Officer in Charge Sampa Mwelwa both confirmed the development to ZANIS in Luwingu today.


The police said Thomas Kasonde 23 and Maureen Chanda 28 a couple of Chisanga village in chief Chipalo area have been arrested for murder.


“I confirmed that police in Luwingu arrested Thomas Kasonde male aged 23 and Maureen Chanda female aged 28 a couple of Chisanga in Chief Chipalo for offence of murder contrary to section 200 of chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia,” said Ms Chikwanda.


Ms Chikwanda said a three year old baby a step daughter was murdered by Thomas Kasonde and his wife after the two babies aged 3 and 5 ate boiled beans prepared for lunch and super.


She said on the date unknown but in January this year Maureen and her husband left home to work for food in the nearby farms and left children alone at home without food to eat and they come back late.


And when hunger punished the two children they searched for food and discovered a pot of beans which was hidden in the bedroom and ate it all.


Ms Chikwanda explained that when the couple came from the field, they also discovered that the relish (beans) was eaten by the children, a situation which annoyed Thomas who instructed his wife to boil water so he could punish the children.


The mother in a fit of anger allegedly took a pot full of water and placed it on a hot brazier before burning her two children.


“The husband got on a three year old Jenipher Mukupa and dipped her hands in the boiling water while saying (iyi eminwe shachilelya ichilemba yandi) these are the hands that have been used to eaten my beans,” she added.


The Police Commissioner said the mother also took the other child (a boy) aged five and did the same thing as her husband.


Ms Chikwanda said the burns were so severe and lead to a three year old girl to die in the hospital while getting treatment.


And Mr Mwelwa, the Luwingu police officer in charge said the other boy is admitted at the district hospital but described his condition as stable.


Mr Mwelwa said when the child died the couple was spotted trying to bury the dead body at a nearby grave yard but the onlookers quickly reported the matter to Luwingu police who rushed and arrested the couple.


“It seems that the hospital attended to the two children without police report thus why they ran away after the baby died,” he said.


He said the couple which is scheduled to appear before the magistrate court soon is currently remanded in police custody.