Police in Eastern Province discover body of 54 yr old man

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Police in Eastern Province discover body of 54 yr old man


Lusaka, February, 19.ZANIS—Police in Eastern Province have discovered a body of a 54 year old man who allegedly shot himself using a H3006 riffle and died on the spot.


The incident occurred between 14th and 15th February, 2013, at Camp House in Mambwe District.


The deceased has since been identified as Charles Medado Zulu of Kauluzi Wildlife Camp in upper Lupande Game Management area, in Mambwe District.


According to a press statement availed to ZANIS by Assistant Police Public Relations Officer, Levy Lilanga,  It is believed that Zulu suspected his wife of having extra marital affairs with other men every time he was out on duty where he worked as a Wild Life Officer.


The deceased had his head completely blown off, leaving only his lower jaw, and his body is currently lying in Kamoto Mission Mortuary awaiting burial.


In another development, a five year old boy died on the spot after being hit by a passenger train in Central Province.


The incident happened on February, 14th along the TAZARA Railway line in Mkushi District.

It is reported that the boy was running along the railway when he was crushed by the train and died on the spot.


The deceased has been identified as Jackson Banda of Chabino Township in Mkushi District.

The body of the deceased is currently ling in Mkushi District Hospital awaiting postmoterm.