Minister warns against un warranted statements

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– Kalulushi Member of Parliament Rayford Mbulu has warned people in Kalulushi to desist from issuing statements that have no based information on investors in the area.

ZANIS Kalulushi reports that Mr Mbulu advised people in the district to desist from issuing statements that were not well researched.

Mr Mbulu who is also Labour and Social Security Deputy Minister said this in Chambishi today when he visited Chambishi Copper Smelter.

He said government supports investment and it would not want to hear an warranted statements against the mine which has so far employed over 1500 people.

He said the PF government which has been very kin to attract investors in the country has not at any time interfered in the operations of the mine.

Mr Mbulu said Chambishi Copper Smelter has created a lot of jobs for Zambians and it is also doing a lot of corporate social responsibilities for the communities in Chambishi.

He however, urged the mine to find ways of eliminating the emissions in the area as closing the mine would not be a solution because over 2000 families would suffer.

He further urged the stakeholders and the people in Chambishi to play a role in attracting investment in the area.

Mr Mbulu said there should never be a repeat of what happened where people started issuing out statements to the media concerning the emissions at Chambeshi Copper Smelter which were not well researched.

He urged everyone to dialogue as management was ready to dialogue.

He said government wanted to ensure abundance of mutual understanding and that could only be done on the table adding that the challenges they had with investors was for them to undergo an induction.

"Let’s desist from issuing provocative statements let’s find solutions to our conflicts," Mr Mbulu advised.