Church divided over RB immunity removal suggestions

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Church divided over RB immunity removal suggestions


Ndola, February 19, ZANIS ——The clergy in Ndola have expressed mixed feelings over calls by some NGO’s to have former Republican President Rupiah Banda’s immunity lifted.


ZANIS Ndola reports that Pastor Raymond Bwalya of Christ Ministry International Church in Kabushi said there was no need of removing the former President’s immunity as it would serve no purpose.


Pastor Bwalya said the late second Republican President Dr Fredrick Chiluba had his immunity removed and the courts later acquitted him of his cases.


He noted that the case of Dr Chiluba was not only time consuming but also costly.


The clergyman has since advised government to use such money for developmental projects and not on Mr Banda’s immunity removal.


“You saw how much money and time was wasted on Dr Chiluba, its better government uses that time and money to develop the country, there are areas that need serious development in this country, people need water, food and many other services not Mr Banda’s immunity removal no,” he said.


And Pastor Chapuswike Chibelushi of Tag argan area said removing Mr Banda’s immunity was a welcome move as it would clear his name.


“People should understand that removing his immunity will assist him to clear his name, right now people are pointing fingers at him but once he goes to court he will either be convicted or acquitted, so it is an opportunity for him to clear his name, it’s a very welcome move,” he said.


Pastor Chibelushi said Members of Parliament (MPs) should listen to calls by the people and the NGO’s at large.


He said MPs are in parliament to represent people and that they should advance peoples wishes and not their personal views.


He said it will be good even for opposition MMD MPs to vote for the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity as it would show that the MMD as a party has nothing to hide.


Some NGO’s have been calling on Members of Parliament ahead of today’s re-opening of parliament to move a motion to have Mr Banda’s immunity removed.