Satanist turns to God in Mbala

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A 29 year old Zambian based in Namibia has confessed that he has been practicing Satanism for the past 22 years.

 The named Satanist said this in a testimony during a church service at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Mbala main congregation yesterday.

 He said he had travelled from Namibia to Mbala on a mission to initiate three pastors in Satanism and kill a named Reverend based at Mbala UCZ.

 The Satanist disclosed that he has been in Satanism at the age of seven when her mother of Namibian national initiated into it.

 He said he had risen in ranks to a third position in the region for accomplishing main tasks but was surprised to fail to kill the reverend in Mbala.

 The Satanist, who amazed the congregation for his testimony, said he had managed to initiate the three pastors into Satanism but only failed one task to kill the Reverend.

He narrated that he failed to kill the Reverend because each time he went to the Manse house at night, he found the house surrounded by the angels.

Following his fruitless mission to kill the Reverend, he was threatened to be killed by his master in Namibia and he fled to seek deliverance from the Reverend because he was a true man of God.

 The man has since been exorcised and delivered from Satanism.