Scott directs Livingstone DC to distribute relief food to Sikute chiefdom

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Vice President Guy Scott has directed Livingstone District Commissioner (DC) Omar Munsanje to ensure that relief food is taken and evenly distributed to the hunger stricken Simoonga area in chief Sikute’s area.

Dr. Scott said the starving people in Sikute should be given food for free because it was government’s responsibility to provide food to its citizens.

He instructed Mr. Munsanje to work closely with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), which is under his (Vice President) office.

He was speaking in Livingstone today he addressed a public rally at Simoonga Basic School grounds.

He urged the people to vote of the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Lawrence Evans, who is a renowned businessman and resident of Livingstone.

"It is government’s responsibility to provide food to the people. I task you (DC) to ensure food is brought and given to the people faced by hunger here,” he said.

And Dr. Scott has demanded for a comprehensive report from Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo on the human-animal conflict in chief Sikute’s area.

Dr. Scott told Mrs. Masebo to coordinate with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and provide a report before the situation gets out of hand.

His directive follows complaints from chief Sikute’s representative Headman Ngenda who said at the same rally that elephants and other wild animals were eating and destroyed people’s maize fields in the area.

Headman Ngenda said villagers are therefore threatened by hunger.

Dr. Scott has meanwhile reiterated government’s commitment to improving water and sanitation and rehabilitating of infrastructures such as schools, roads and health posts.

He further said government was aware of the current ban on timber which he said has indirectly affected the people who depend on timber for their livelihoods.

Speaking earlier, Local Government and Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi disclosed that government would construct 50 boreholes in Simoonga area.

Ms. Kabanshi said government would also construct a modern market in the area.

Meanwhile, veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe said people should engage into constructive campaigns based on development matters.

Mr. Munkombwe urged the people of Simoonga and the entire city of Livingstone to vote for Mr. Evans if they wanted their area to be developed.

"Politics is not food. You can’t eat politics every day. Do not listen to finished politicians from the opposition but align yourselves to the ruling PF because modern politics goes with time,” he said.