Construction of Lusaka ring roads to start in August

Kulima Bus Station floods

Ms Makanta said the construction of ring roads could not start immediately because the contractorcannot work effectively in the rain.
“As we wait for the rain season to end, we have been requested to identify a site on which the constructioncompany can set up a camp when constructionof ring roads commences,” she said.
She said the constructor is only working on the site where they will operate from when works starts.
Ms Makanta who said the works of constructing ring roads can only commence in August when it is dry.
She said the roads will be constructed where no roads existed previously.
Ms Makanta also appealed to motorists not to use the roads when the constructor starts paving them.
“We do not want to see a situation where our motoristsbegin to use the new roads before works on them are complete. They should stick to their old routes,” Ms Makanta said.
And Ms Makanta said the plan to work on the greater plan of Lusaka is not as easy as people may think.
Ms Makanta said the population of Lusaka is growing fast and it is for this reason the planning authority is finding it difficult to implement the plan.
“We can have the plan but if the population keeps swelling then am afraid it will be difficult for us to work on the plan,’’ she said.
Ms Makanta said the only solution which may work is for the city to be moved south wards, combining it with Kafue.
This will result in the two towns not having a demarcation between them.