PF in Luwingu laments late distribution of inputs

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PF in Luwingu District lament late distribution of inputs


Luwingu, 15th February 2013-ZANIS- Northern Province Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson Peter Mwansa says the region is, this year not expected to produce bumper harvest as it has in the past years because of poor and late distribution of fertilizer by suppliers.


ZANIS reports Mr. Mwansa to have said this in an interview in Luwingu District, today.


He added that many farmers in the region have complained of not having received both basal dressing and top dressing fertilizer saying the situation which will affect maize production.


He said the patriotic front government arranged with the suppliers to make the commodity readily available to farmers countrywide but delayed the distribution of fertilizer causing many farmers to panic.


Mr. Mwansa observed that late delivery of fertilizer will adversely affect the production of maize this year in all the nine districts in the Northern Province.


“This is not the right time for Nyiombo investment to start bring basal dressing fertilizers to farmers because maize have already started tussling in same cases. We as a party we are doubting if will have bumper harvest this year,” he said.


Mr. Mwansa said the region had also face other challenges in the agriculture sector where arm worms destroyed several hectares of maize fields and peasant farmers were asked to re-plant maize in their fields.


He after re-planting their fields’ fertilizer has not been made available to them, the situation which has angered many of them.


Mr. Mwansa said the party officials in Luwingu district also complained to Northern Province minister Gerry Chanda that the delay in the fertilizer distribution is also affecting the organization of the party on the grass root level because peasant because the peasant farmers did not expect this to happen.


He said the farmers expected that Nyiombo investment will improve in delivering of fertilizers distribution under the ruling patriotic front but surprisingly the situation has worsened.


The provincial chairperson, however, said the party in the region is still very strong despite of monkey tricks by some opposition parties conniving with fertilizers suppliers to delay the distribution farm inputs in order to see people to rise against the government.


He said two ward councilors from united party for nation development and Movement for multiparty democracy MMD in Nsama the newly created district have resigned to join the ruling PF.


There is a number of ward councilors wanting to defect from their opposition parties to join the ruling government in order for their respective wards achieve the minimum development.


The provincial chairperson has accompanied Northern Province minister Gerry Chanda who is on familiarization tour in Luwingu district in the province.