Mbala contractor bolts

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—- The contractor who was subcontracted by CNEEC Zambia Limited to construct temporary structures at Lunzuwa Hydropower station in Mbala has bolted without paying the workers.

The 60 workers stormed ZANIS offices to complain over the non-payment of their money by Transley Enterprises Limited for the works they did for the contractor on behalf of Zesco.

Group leaders, Jimmy Simpungwe and Gillet Siwale, said the contractor, Transley Enterprise Limited, left the site late last year without paying them their money for two months.

They said the contractor owes each worker KR2,400 and KR1,400 for builders and helpers respectively.

The workers are now appealing to government through Zesco to help trace the contractor who is reported to have relocated to Angola.

According to the signed contractual agreement, CNEEC Zambia Limited subcontracted Transley Enterprise Limited to construct 6 houses at Lunzuwa Hydropower station on behalf of Zesco in 45 days which ended in January this year.