Kasama St. John’s Convent nears completion

Mpika Convent Gutted
The construction of a KR5, 000 convent at St. John’s cathedral in Kasama is nearing completion.

 And Kasama district Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya has expressed happiness with the progress on the construction works.

 Mr. Bwalya said this when he toured the construction site at St. Johns Parish in Kasama today.

He commended Kasama Builders Square the contractor working on the convert for the works done so far.

 The district commissioner said it is gratifying to find that local contractors are also working hard and sticking to the time stipulated in their contracts.

 Mr. Bwalya said Kasama Builders Square have so far done a commendable job in the five months that they were given to finish the construction works of a convent.

 He has since urged local contractors to emulate Kasama Builders square a company for youths in Kasama that is doing construction works within the stipulated contract time frame.

 Meanwhile Kasama Builders Square Director Chilekwa Mwamba thanked the District commissioner for taking time to inspect the works.

 Mr. Mwamba said it is encouraging to note that Government also attaches importance to the inspecting works that are being done by youths in the district.

 He however noted that the convent will not be completed this month as per stipulated time.

 Mr. Mwamba revealed that this is owing to the fact that the company could not purchase the needed materials in December as most Companies that make the material were on an industrial break.

He however said the assured the diocese that the construction works will be completed by next month as ninety percent of the works has been completed.

The convent for the Sisters of the Child Jesus in Kasama was last year gutted in an unknown circumstance.