GBM calls for issue based campaigns

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GBM calls for issue based campaigns

Livingstone, February 14, 2013, ZANIS — Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has urged the Patriotic Front  (PF) campaign team in Livingstone to focus their attention on  issue based campaigns.

Mr. Mwamba avoid any forms of violence if the party was to scoop the forth-coming by-election on February 28th.

And the defense minister says the PF would welcome all opposition members of parliament if they were to resign to join the ruling party.

ZANIS reports that addressing party cadres last night in Zambezi ward, in Livingstone, Mr. Mwamba said
it was vital that the party should avoid politics of insults and violence as doing so might cost the party the elections victory.

He said it was also cardinal for the party to serious focus on campaign messages based on real issues that affect the people of Livingstone and avoid any bad messages that might compromise the
party’s evictor.

“Our primary focus should be on tailoring issued based campaign messages that will inspire Livingstone residents to vote for us in the by-elections,” said Mr. Mwamba.

“And so lets go the electorates with good messages for them to vote for us and not messages of insults and violence’s against any opposition political party,” Mr. Mwamba added.

He urged the people in Livingstone to vote for the ruling party to accelerate development in the city and be able to effectively coordinate preparations for the United Nations World Tourism General
Assembly (UNWTO)  in August this year.

And featuring on a Good governance programme on   Mosi-o-Tunya  Radio last night Mr. Mwamba said the opposition was welcome  to join the PF as long they were of good  character.

“  The opposition themselves come  to look for jobs  and as  PF we are ready to welcome even if all the opposition members of parliament were to resign as long as they are of good character,” said Mr. Mwamba in response to a question from a caller.

Mr. Mwamba also said he was enjoying food relationship with Mr. Wynter Kabimba and were now buddies.

He said even in homes people quarrel and reconcile adding that the two have now known each other better.

On tourism Mr. Mwamba said the government will use the forth-coming African Endeavor communication exercise in August this year to market the country’s tourism potential.

Meanwhile, PF Southern Province Political Secretary, Mr. Brian Hapunda acknowledged that the Party would now focus on issues in its campaign trail and would avoid nay forms of violence but accused the United Party for National Development of fanning violence.

“I agree that we need to tailor messages of development but I maintain that the UPND  are the one trying to bring the infamous Mapatizya formula here- if you recall last week they were insulting our
Republican president yet we have not reiterated ,” said Mr. Hapunda.