ZED supports regulatory bill on higher learning institutions

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Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) president, Fred Mutesa, has praised the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education for initiating a higher learning education bill that will seek to regulate higher learning institutions in the country.

Mr Mutesa says the higher learning education bill should be supported by all Members of Parliament once it is taken to parliament for enactment.

He said ZED is concerned with the escalating numbers of universities in the country, hence the need to institute an authority to monitor and regulate the mushrooming of universities.

Mr Mutesa said lack of an authority to regulate higher learning institutions has paved way for the mushrooming of unscrupulous universities.

The ZED president pointed out that the establishment of an authority to monitor higher learning institutions will assist in protecting the citizenry from unscrupulous universities.

However, Mr Mutesa implored government to ensure that the bill is enacted once parliament passes it.

He observed that in the past, laws have been passed but enforced, a situation he described as worry some.

The ZED president said it is not right for the public to be swindled of their hard-earned money by make-shift universities.

Mr Mutesa said the Ministry of Education should commence building capacity for the people who will be charged with the responsibility of running the regulatory body.

He insisted that the only way sanity will be brought in higher learning institutions is through the establishment of an authority to monitor the institution.