– Zambian inventor improves further

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Zambian inventor improves further

Mporokoso, February 13, ZANIS —— A legendary Mporokoso inventor Charles Mumba has invented another machine  as way to maximize the potential in hydro energy.


Mr Mumba availed the water compressor to the public when Northern Province Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika paid a courtesy call at his farm in Mporokoso today.


He said hydropower generation should not be a problem when Zambia has the potential to utilize its abundant water resource.


Mr Mumba who bemoaned the continued low voltage being experience in Mporokoso district said he was capable of supplying electric power to more than 250 households in the area.


He revealed that   he has the gift of brains that he must put to full use and benefit the local people.


Mr Mumba told the Permanent Secretary that the newly invented water compressor was using the same water, which runs the turbines that generate sufficient power at his farm


“I aim at tripled harvest of the water resource here at Kapumo falls,” said Mr Mumba.


Mr Mumba however bemoaned lack of support from the Zambian government whom he alleged to have been reluctant in assisting him in putting material to generate power since he started the project  nine years ago.


Inventor Mumba said he was ready to supply 1 megawatt of electricity to Mporokoso community if government could secure him two 500 kilowatts generators.


And Northern Province Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika has described   Charles Mumba as an indigenous  genius who uses simple  but  viable technology to generate power from water.


Mr Nkunika said Mr Mumba’s efforts must be embraced by government so that he could assist in reducing the power deficits the nation is facing.


Mr Nkunika said Mr Mumba has proved to the nation that he was capable of assisting in increasing power generation and encourage the technology advancement of the modern times.


The Permanent Secretary was amazed that a man with humble education could be a beacon of science and technology.


Mr Mumba first invented the turbines by using a tractor shaft, then improve the generation plant in 2010  and this year (2013) he has invented a  water pump compressor that pumps water to irrigate his crops.