AM, EAZ happy with Chenda’s new portfolio

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The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) and the Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) have welcomed the transfer of Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Emmanuel Chenda to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry in the same capacity.


Mr. Chenda takes over from Robert Sichinga, who has moved to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in the same capacity.

ZAM chairperson Chance Kabaghe welcomed the swapping of Mr. Chenda and Mr. Robert Sichinga.


Mr. Kabaghe said Mr. Chenda was a seasoned professional in the commercial world and as such, he will work well in his new ministry.


He expressed hope that Mr. Chenda will perform effectively in addressing a number of challenges that have been affecting the manufacturing industries.


He further hoped that the new minister will work towards reducing the high costs of doing business and add value to local products so as to grow the country’s economy.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kabaghe thanked the outgoing Minister of Commerce Robert Sichinga for effectively incorporating the private sector in all strategic trade operations of government.


He has since called for a smooth transition of the programmes in the Ministry of Commerce in order to maintain continuity.


And Economic Association of Zambia president Isaac Ngoma called on Mr. Chenda to spearhead projects which will promote the private sector through sound economic policies.


Mr. Ngoma said consistence and continuity of projects coupled with expedient policies can create investor confidence in the country and enhance economic stability.


He has since commended President Michael Sata for effecting the change.