– Monde ready for showdown for accepting govt appointment

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-Newly appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Greyford Monde, says he is not afraid of any action his party will take against him for accepting the appointment.


Reacting to UPND Youth Spokesperson, Brian Mizinga’s comments that the youths in the party will lobby the party to have him expelled for accepting a government appointment to serve in government, Mr Monde said he did not mind the move.


The defiant Monde told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that his royalty is owed to the Zambian people.


Mr Monde, who is Itexhi-tezhi UPND Member of Parliament, explained that the provisions of the Zambian Constitution are clear on the powers of the President to appoint people, adding that there is nowhere in the constitution where it is stipulated that “there shall be consultation between an individual and his party”.


He said he did not apply to be appointed but that the President saw it fit for him to be appointed as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


Mr Monde further declared that it is now time to foster development for the benefit of all Zambians.


He said his appointment is a great opportunity for the people of Zambia and Itezhi Tezhi residents in particular who voted for him.


The new Deputy Minister said despite the appointed, he will remain a member of the United Party for National Development.


Mr Monde, however, thanked President Sata for appointing him to the position.


United Party for National Development Youth Spokesperson, Brian Mizinga, has vowed to lobby the national party committee to have Mr Monde expelled from the party.


Mr Mizinga, who spoke to ZANIS in a telephone interview, said of late the party had noted with concern the relationship that Mr Monde developed with the ruling party, PF.


He said Mr Monde’s action of accepting the appointment from government is tantamount to gross indiscipline which the youths in the party shall not condone.


He said there was no communication between Mr Monde and the UPND on intentions to allow him to take up a position in government.


Mr Mizinga, however, informed ZANIS that what has happened is a situation that has called for another by-election which the country should expect.