– Lusaka grappling with sanitation – Mayor

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Lusaka Mayor, Daniel Chisenga, has noted that the city is grappling with issues of sanitation in the.

Mr Chisenga has observed that members of the public have distanced themselves from participating in sanitation issues.

He was speaking in a speech read for him by Deputy Mayor, Mulenga Sata, when he officially opened the ‘Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign’ orientation workshop in Lusaka today.

Mr Chisenga said sanitation and hygiene programmes are supposed to be carried out by everyone in the country.

“Increased accesses to sanitation and better hygiene practices have far more reaching positive impacts to our communities,” he said.

He also noted that it is imperative, therefore, that the exercise is taken seriously, adding that the local authority needs to show the communities what the promotion of sanitation and hygiene could achieve.

Mr Chisenga has since commended the Lusaka City Council (LCC) management and the department of public health for coming up with the programme which will involve communities at household level.

“Educating the community in matters of health is the best investment we can make as the local authority, ‘’ Mr Chisenga said.

He urged the councillors to sensitize the people on the impending programme as they get back to their various wards.