– Chief Lukwesa calls for the Yellow Book

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—–Chief Lukwesa of the Lunda of Mwense district has implored Government to avail traditional leaders with copies of the Yellow Book for them to follow developmental projects in an informed way.

Chief Lukwesa noted that the Yellow Book contained estimates of expenditure for the year and was a useful monitoring tool in checking how projects were being funded.

He said the Yellow Book also helps traditional leaders to lobby for certain projects that were planned for taking place in their chiefdoms.

And Senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso of the Kabende people of Samfya District has called on stakeholders to be involvement in the cross pollination of ideas on how to reduce diarrhoeal cases in his chiefdom during the fishing periods.

Senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso disclosed that incidences of diarrhoea related cases were always on the rise in his chiefdom during the fishing periods because people from the mainland descended to the river for fishing activities and toilet facilities were a challenge during the times.

He said the spaces which were used as fishing camps were too small to accommodate all the basic infrastructural requirements for safe drinking water supply and sanitation which compromised their hygiene standards and resulted in increased diarrhoeal cases.

The Senior Chief said there was need to find a lasting solution to the problem because it was recurring every fishing season.

But Water Aid provincial Project Manager, Moses Mumba, advised the Senior Chief to involve the local authority and t he Ministry of Health in coming up with a lasting solution to the problem.