Zambia Association of Musicians wages continued war against piracy

Maiko Zulu -Zambia

The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has said it shall not relent in its quest to continue advocating for the effective fighting against piracy in the country.

 ZAM President, Maiko Zulu, bemoaned and alleged that a lot has not been done in trying to reduce the vice nationwide.

 Mr Zulu told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that there is need for efforts to be intensified if piracy was to be fought effectively.

 He added that there is also need for the spearheading and sensitizing of members of the community on the dangers of piracy as it adds towards the derailment of development.

 Mr Zulu, who is also a Zambian reggae musician, pointed out that the vice can do more harm than good if left unchecked and, therefore, should not be entertained and tolerated at all.

 The reggae musician called upon members of the public to play a leading and pivotal role by reporting anybody found pirating, be it music or any other products.

 Mr Zulu noted that it was not only music that was being pirated but other products as well in the country, hence the need to work closely together and fight the vice to the end.