ZANIS COPY-PSDA calls for strengthening of Accountant General’s Office

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The Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) has called on the Office of the Accountant General to play a more active role in monitoring the use of public funds in the country.

PSDA chairperson Yusuf Dodia told ZANIS that much as the Office of the Auditor General was important in showing how funds were used, there was need for the Accountant General’s Office to play a more active role in monitoring the funds and ensuring that they are used appropriately.

Mr. Dodia has since called on government to create a monitoring and evaluation system under the Accountant General’s Office that will ensure that goods and services are supplied once tenders have been given to suppliers.

He said it was unfortunate that on several occasions, the Auditor General’s report has revealed that government paid suppliers for the procurement of goods but the latter failed for supply the goods hence public money going to waste.

Mr. Dodia said it was not enough to wait for the Auditor General’s report to unveil irregularities in the management of public funds.

He proposed that measures should be put in place to prevent such irregularities from occurring.

He further said the Accountant General’s Office should be able to monitor and ensure that companies paid for the procurement of goods fulfill the tenders given to them.

Mr. Dodia also said the Accountant General’s Office should also account for all funds in order to ensure that people who misappropriate government money are brought to book.

He noted that if there was no system to account for how the money was used, culprits will continue to misuse public funds as they know that they will not be questioned for it.

He said the country cannot afford to be losing money at this time when it was struggling with reducing poverty levels.

Mr. Dodia noted that government operation was the benchmark for the economy hence the need for it to work effectively in the area of public funds.