ZANIS COPY – Mungwi bishp urges govt to improve road infrastructure

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—A clergyman in Mungwi says there is need for the government to expand the current roads in the country to avoid fatal accidents such as the one which claimed more than 50 lives in Chibombo area.


Church of God Bishop, Sampa Musonda, observed that the amount of traffic in the country has increased tremendously adding that there was need to upgrade the roads to meet the current traffic demands.


He was speaking to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview in Mungwi today.


And the Bishop has also wished bereaved families of the John Chinena accident God’s strength as they mourned their loved ones.


Bishop Musonda also paid tribute to the government for giving support to the affected families during mourning period.


He said the church will remain supportive to the government by offering prayers so that God can direct the nation at all times.


Meanwhile, The Church of God Bishop says there need for all well-meaning Zambians to support the recommendation by the Technical Committee on drafting the Zambian constitution to change the current electoral system.


Bishop Musonda says Article 135 on Election to the National Assembly is well-meant because it will reduce unnecessary by-elections caused by self-individuals who resign to join other political parties.


He said government was currently spending a lot of tax-payers’ moneys on by-elections which can be directed to other important national issues such as construction of roads and improving learning in schools.


Bishop Musonda said some members of parliament who were defecting to other parties were selfish and a disgrace to the electorates.