ZANIS COPY – Girl narrates how great grandfather defiled her

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—A 14-year-old girl of Fitalyano village in chief Chipalo’s area today testified in the Luwingu magistrate’s court how she was allegedly defiled by her great-grandfather, aged 80.


The girl told magistrate Davy Simfukwe that her great grandfather defiled her five times on different occasions in house on dates she cannot remember well.


She said the old man, Anderson Mutambo, used to entice and call her for sexual intercourse in his bedroom despite being a blind.


She said after being defiled on five different occasions, she developed pain on her private parts which forced her to inform her grandmother before the matter was reported to police.


The blind accused man kept interjecting as the girl was busy narrating. It took the court time to explain to the man that his time to explain was coming.


She told the court that the man used to order her to undress her underwear while he opened his zip on his trousers and we had sexual intercourse although it was painful and warned me not to tell anyone.


The girl said when she became sick her grandmother noticed and asked her if she had sexual intercourse with boys in the village, which she refused saying she only had it with her great-grandfather.


She said at the police, she was issued with a medical report to take to the district hospital for examination.


In cross examination, Mr Mutambo asked the girl why she could not report the matter to her mother or anyone in the village, to which she said Mr Mutambo warned her not report to anyone in the village.


Mr Mutambo later told the magistrate not to listen to the lies as she had just been told by her mother and others because they want to chew his money from him.


This is in a matter in which Mr Mutambo, 80, a blind man of Fitalyano village in chief Chipalo’s, area is charged with defilement contrary to Section 138 (1) Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.