Inonge Wina urges Basanga residents to vote for PF

Inonge Wina

Gender Minister and Patriotic Front Chairperson Inonge Wina has asked the people of Basanga Ward in Itezhi tezhi district to make a difference by voting for the PF in Basanga by election for the first time.

Ms Wina said this when she addressed PF cadres at Basanga basic school in Itezhi tezhi yesterday.

“We want Basanga to make history by having a PF Councilor for the first time. People are voting for HH just because he is their tribesman, we need to change,” she said.

Ms Wina said that the people of Basanga should not vote for a person just because he belongs to their tribe but vote for a person who is capable of representing them in the district council.

 “With due respect, HH is not going to be the president for ever and why should you continue to vote for UPND? It will take time for our brother to be there so vote for PF to make difference in Itezhi Tezhi,” she said.

She further said that PF was currently in power and it is a party with national character and able to deliver to the people of Zambia.

Basanga Ward fell vacant following the resignation of UPND Councilor Richard Mate who joined the Patriotic Front and he is re-contesting the seat.