Maintain school infrastructure and hold students responsible for damage – David Mabumba

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 School authorities in Eastern Province have been called upon to manage infrastructure properly because government is spending colossal sums of money to cope with the school infrastructure.

Education Deputy Minister in charge of Secondary and College Education David Mabumba said government is spending more than KR40 million to just construct one secondary school each year.

Mr Mabumba who is on tour of Secondary Schools and Colleges in Eastern Province said government is very passionate with old school infrastructure because it has an impact on pupil /student performance.

The Deputy Minister who also toured Chadiza Boarding Secondary School said government was very passionate particularly with schools that were constructed during the Kaunda era such as Chadiza boarding school.

He expressed happiness that despite the school being old, management was able to use some initiative whereby they have maintained the infrastructure up to date adding that the school can be used as a role model to other schools in the region.

 Mr Mabumba said even though the ablution block and some dormitories needed quick attention the school looked neat because of the quality leadership that is in place at the institution.

He called on the teachers at Chadiza Boarding School to unite and work together in order to bring development to the school.

The deputy minister also urged the teachers to inculcate the sense of responsibility into the pupils adding that pupils should be held responsible for any damage that they cause to infrastructure.

“When these pupils come and they are in class or hostel and they cause any damage to the infrastructure, let’s hold them responsible for that damage. Do you want my teachers to be paying for the damage that has been caused by the pupil? No! Pupils must be held responsible in order for them to be responsible pupils” he said.

And Mr Mabumba has also called on the teachers in Chadiza to be self disciplined and not to engage themselves into partisan politics.

He said most teachers have lost respect among the pupils because of the way they conduct themselves.

“Our pupils have even stopped to appreciate the relevance of some of our teachers because they are sometimes found sleeping in trenches whilst drunk,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mabumba said government was constructing 83 Secondary Schools in Eastern Province which would include the construction of 35 new secondary schools in Chadiza, Vubwi and Chasefu districts.

He said government was very hopeful that the construction of the 83 Secondary Schools would be completed by 2015.

Mr Mabumba pointed out that a number of Universities were also under construction but with particular attention to technical education.

He said government was paying more attention to technical education because even in the United States of America the Technical Education forms part of the Small Medium Enterprise which in turn creates employment.

“They are pillars that create employment and as government we have for a long time now been focussing on academic education and that is why there has been little development in the country because we have not considered our friends in the technical education,” he said.

He said there cannot be development where there are only white collar jobs but that development will come through the technical jobs which some people call dirty jobs.