Senior citizen implores RTSA to be tough

Car Accident _ not this actual; accident crash

A Mansa based Senior citizen has implored the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RATSA) to step up the checkups on the road worthiness of the trucks that were carrying heavy loads on the roads.

Evans Mulenga 62, disclosed that he observed with disappointment the number of trucks that had careered off the road and overturned on the Kapiri-Mposhi – Kasama road on Tuesday this week.

He said he had counted over six heavy duty trucks which had gone off the road and overturned just from Kapiri to Mukando turn off which was a sign of careless driving by truck drivers.

He said it was important for RATSA to make routine road checks on the Trucks using the roads because such loss of control for over six trucks on one road should be sending a strong message of the weaknesses by RATSA in enforcing the law on road safety.

He added that since the trucks were deserted at the time of his observation, it was unclear on what could have happened to the lives of the drivers and some possible passengers on board at the time of the careering off the road.

Mr Mulenga cautioned truck drivers to be extremely cautious when they were on the road because consumption of alcohol while driving especially in the night was a big risky to lives of not only themselves but other road users.

He also cautioned the drivers to desist from browsing their iPads or phones for messages while driving because concentration was affected negatively and could result in road traffic tragedies.

He said the frequency of sight of trucks that have overturned along the Kapiri-Mposhi –Kasama road was sending a wrong message to the motorists and other road users that the area was a risk to drive along.