Sakeni urges Samfya people to press for their community radio station

Samfya market - Pix
Information Minister, Kennedy Sakeni has urged the Samfya people to speed up the installation of a community radio station through the help of their member of parliament so that they could be listening to their own local voices on issues of development that affected them.

Mr Sakeni said government was in support of the establishment of local community radio stations because information was power and people needed to speak freely on issues that affect them for government to address them in their favour.

He said media people were free to report on any issue affecting the people without fear of any reprisal by government as long as they reported factually and responsibly because both the people and government needed information in making informed decisions for national development.

Mr Sakeni, who is also Chief Government Spokesman, also called on the media to engage in investigative journalism so that they could bring out issues that add value to uplifting the living standards of the people.

He said the media should play a critical role in the fight against corruption in both the private and public sectors.

The minister said society had a wrong perception about corruption because the public sector was seen to be corrupt to the exception of the private sector but the two were accomplices in the vice because the private sector makes offers to public service workers and later on accuse the public sector of corruption when both were equally guilty.

Mr Sakeni said the media should do investigative reporting for both the public and private sectors on issues of corruption and keep the nation informed in fighting the vice.