ZANIS COPY-Govt. to construct housing unit in newly created districts

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Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister John Kufuna has disclosed that government will this year construct about 170 housing units in the newly created districts across the country.

Mr. Kufuna said an average of 10 housing units will be put up in each new district adding that once the tendering processes are finalised, the contractors will quickly move to constructions sites to start the work.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka that the construction of these housing units will be done this year.

He said once the contractor was identified and all other logistics are put in place, works of this project will start immediately.

And Mr. Kufuna has also disclosed that government will secure additional land to put up more housing units under the public private partnership throughout the country.

He said it is dovernment’s policy to ensure that more housing units are erected in order to provide the Zambian people with decent accommodation which are in deficit.