FAWEZA to continue the fight for better education

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The Forum for African Women Educationists in Zambia (FAWEZA) has vowed to continue advocating for the provision of quality education for the benefit of all in the country.

FAWEZA National Coordinator Lumba Sianga stressed that the Forum will work closely with the government for the benefit of the people countrywide.

Ms Sianga told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that FAWEZA believes that her organisation and government still remain key partners in the provision of quality education for all.

The FAWEZA National Coordinator noted that her organization wants people to appreciate and know how it feels to acquire quality education.

Ms Sianga said this was important as it is helpful towards contributing to the development process of the country.

Meanwhile, Ms Sianga said FAWEZA is working closely with the members of the community in trying to address the issue of unwanted pregnancies among school going children especially in rural areas.

She noted with concern that a lot of school going children have been dropping out of school due to unwanted pregnancies.

Ms Sianga also said that FAWEZA believes that working closely with the community would assist in addressing the trend.

And Ms Sianga disclosed that FAWEZA would also continue offering scholarships to vulnerable pupils and students in schools and at tertiary level, adding that the Forum wants the pupils and students to benefit and attain the right education by all means possible.


  1. I am a male nurse pursuing my first degree in nursing at Lusaka Apex Medical University.
    I am currently struggling with educational costs and accommodation. Do you offer any financial assistance or scheme loans where one would be to pay back upon completion.
    If you do, please kindly contact me via e-mail. I would really appreciate your consideration on this matter.
    Yours faithfully
    Banda M Simon

  2. Do u help orphans who are accepted at university to study civil engineering ( diploma )? please answer me I'm a boy.