ZANIS COPY – Councils ordered to submit project proposals

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Councils ordered to submit project proposals


Lusaka, February 8, ZANIS —– Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister John Kufuna says councils that will go ahead in developing the projects that are not approved by his ministry will not be given the 2013 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).


Mr Kufuna said the local authorities in the country should comply with government regulations or loss out completely.


Mr Kufuna said the PF government is in a hurry to develop, transform and modernise the country hence prudent utilisation of public funds for only intended projects. 


The Deputy Minister was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.


He said the local authorities should submit the projects they intended to embark on to the office of the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and wait for approval before they could start implementing such projects.


"I’m advising Councils in the country to submit to us the list of projects they intend to do so that we can approve them and failure to comply to that means they are defying our orders and government will not allocate them the 2013 CDF," Mr Kufuna said.


And Mr Kufuna has expressed gratitude with the utilization of last year’s CDF by the local authorities.


He said his ministry is monitoring the projects in question.


"So far as government, we are happy in the manner the 2012 CDF is being prudently utilised. My ministry is monitoring the projects being implemented by Councils and that we’re forwarding and submitting the projects that are approved," he said.


Government, last year released KR150 million (K150 billion) to all the 150 constituencies across the country largely for infrastructure development.