Relatives of Post bus victims besiege Ndola Post office

Chibombo Accident - Pix source
Chibombo Accident - Pix source
Grief stricken relatives of the people that boarded the 04:30 hours Ndola-Lusaka bound Post bus, which has been involved in a fatal road accident between Kabwe and Chibombo, flocked to Ndola Main Post office today to enquire about the condition of their relatives.


A check by ZANIS at the Ndola main post office found a crowed of anxious relatives of the passengers demanding to be given the bus manifest which contains names and details of passengers on board.

 And scores of Ndola residents assembled at the post office to get the latest information from the Post bus management.

 Matilda Zulu a concerned resident said Ndola resident are shocked by the news of the accident involving the Post bus.

 “This is shocking, most of us as Ndola residents are shocked, this is the bus that we use, its efficient and timely, this information is very sad,” she said.

 And Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) Public Relations Manager Frank Mumba who rushed to the accident scene told the media that an official statement will be released later in the day.

 In the same vein, the Board and Management of ZAMPOST have expressed deep sorrow at the death of 53 passengers that died this morning while traveling from Ndola to Lusaka.

 The management said this in a press statement released to ZANIS this afternoon.

The 72 seater Benz Post bus registration number ABV 4020 which had two trailers registration numbers 1793, AB 65 and 1791, AB 06 collided with a truck registration number 1792 near John Chinena area in Chibombo district.

 And ZAMPOST Public Relations Manager Mr Mumba has said that management has not yet released the manifest because they have not yet received information as to who was and wasn’t on the bus.

 “We have not yet released the manifest because we are not sure with the modalities of the passengers as some would have bought tickets for the first bus as records show and later decided to board the second bus,” he said.

 ZAMPOST has therefore assured all the bereaved families and the injured that the corporation stands with them in this period of sorrow.