Crocs kill fisherman in Luwingu District

A 22 year old man, Oswald Mwila,  of Chilinda village in chief Matipa area of Chilubi district in the Northern Province was on Sunday killed by crocodiles on Lake Bangweulu.

 ZANIS reports that Northern Province police commissioner, Mary Chikwanda confirmed the incident in an interview, today.

 Ms. Chikwanda said that Mwila was caught on the Lake Bangweulu where he went fishing yesterday.

 “I can confirm that male Oswald Mwila of Chilinda village in chief Matipa area was caught and eaten by the suspected crocodiles on Lake Bangweulu on Sunday morning where he was conducting illegal fishing, ” she said.

Ms Chikwanda said the upper part of Mwila’s dead body was completely eaten by the crocs leaving only the lower parts of the body which include buttocks, private parts and the two legs.

 She said the remains of the deceased were discovered on Tuesday afternoon by the villagers who conducted the search on the Lake Bangweulu.

 According to the Northern Province police commissioner , the deceased was killed by the reptiles around 04:00 on Tuesday as he was fishing on the Lake Bangweulu despite the government’s annual fish ban.

 Ms. Chikwanda said the aggrieved residents who retrieved the lower parts of the body later took it to the district police station where it was damped because they suspected that crocodiles which caught Oswald were just a counterfeit of witchcraft experienced in the area.


And Chilubi police officer in charge assistant superintendent Anthony Musing also said the lower part of the body is at Santa Mary mission hospital mortuary waiting for postmortem as per custom before it is buried.


He appealed to villagers to refrain from going on the lake during night hours saying this is the time that crocodiles enjoying hunting.

 Mr. Musing said villagers should observe the current fish ban to allow fish to bleed.

 This is what normally happens if one fails to follow the basic principle of the law of the land saying fishermen should observe fish in order to allow fish to bleed.