ZANIS COPY – Chief Kalunga complains of poor road network

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—Chief Kalunga of the Luchazi people in Kabompo district has appealed to government to reconstruct six broken down bridges in his chiefdom.

Chief Kalunga said the damaged bridges are hampering delivery of government services to people in his area.

The chief said this in a statement availed to ZANIS in Kabompo today.

He complained that Kalwilo Bridge, on the shortest route from Kabompo to Zambezi, which also passes through his palace was abandoned by a contractor about five years ago.

He said the other bridges that were washed away some time back include, Kasalwa on Katuba –Chikonkwelo road, Maveve on Maveve-Mulundu Road and Likwava on Katendwa-Samununga road.

Chief Kalunga said others that need rehabilitation include Chikonkwelo Bridge on Chikonkwelo-Mukosho Road and Sampulu Bridge on Katendwa-Chikenge Road.

He further said all the roads in his chiefdom are overgrown by vegetation and need bush clearing.

The traditional leader added that the Kabompo-Chikenge Road leading to his palace needs to be graded and gravelled in order to allow movement of trucks to ferry farm produce and inputs to farmers in the area.