TIZ calls on health providers to offer quality services

Transparency International Zambia
The Kalomo Community Notice Board (CNB) a consortium under the Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has called on health providers to ensure that they provide quality health care services to their clients in the district.

During a TIZ meeting in Kalomo today, CNB member, Ernest Sakala said it was cardinal that health personnel set standards in the manner they conduct themselves in health facilities so that they are transparent and accountable to their communities.

The CNB concept is being implemented in three health facilities in the district namely; Kalomo health affiliated centre, Namwianga and Choonga clinics.

The three are chosen to enhance integrity, transparency and accountability in the institutions.

This emanates from a 2005 study by TIZ in six districts namely, Chinsali, Kalomo, Kitwe, Lundazi, Lusaka and Solwezi to determine levels of Transparency and Integrity in Service Delivery in Africa (TISDA).

The study investigated six core elements of governance following the repealing of the Health act of 2005 which saw the shrieking of the Neighbour hood Health Committees prompting TIZ to come up with CNBs to monitor service delivery in the health sectors.  

The programme is yet to ensure that all the three health facilities sign an ‘Integrity Pact’ (IP) which will be used as a monitoring tool to bind them to their moral obligation to offer effective and quality service delivery.

Meanwhile, TIZ Progammes Officer, Raymond Mutale said the ‘Integrity Pact’ would also act as a mechanism for creating a feedback from end users and apply corrective measures once challenges in service delivery have been identified.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Mr Mutale emphasized that the IP would not be a legal one but a social one that would enable to promote service delivery in the three institutions.