Peaceful campaigns for Kabompo East local govt. by-elections kicks off

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Campaigns for the 10 local government by-elections in Kabompo East and West constituencies have started on a peaceful note.


ZANIS reports from Kabompo District that the area District elections officer Francis Nkhoma confirmed the development in an interview, yesterday.


Mr. Nkhoma said that he was  impressed with the manner in which the three political parties participating in the local government by-elections are adhering to the electoral code of conduct.


“ So far 20 voter education facilitators under the district voter education committee have been deployed to the 10 wards in order to sensitise the electorates and all participating political parties on the need to desist from electoral malpractices violence, ‘ he said.


Meanwhile the ruling PF and the opposition UPND have successfully fielded candidates in all the 10 local government for the by-elections while the former ruling party MMD has only managed to field candidates in five wards.


In Kapombo East local government by-elections are taking place in Kashinakaji, Wansongwa, Manyinga, Katula, Dihamba and Chiteve wards.


In Kashinakaji ward by election on the ruling PF are fielding Laurent Bulaya, while the opposition UPND is fielding Julius Ndeki.


In Wansongwa, Manyinga, Kabula, Dihamba and Chiteve, the PF candidates are Robertson Kasongo, Samananga Dingongi, Moses Kahyata, Mark Kalolu Godfrey Katoka, respectively.

The UPND candidates include Atwell Kagiji for Wasongwa, Samuel Chinkome for Kabula, Gerhard Musanda for Dihamba and Richard Muyelu for Chiteve.


The ruling MMD has only contesting Katula ward by-election in Kabompo East and it is fielding Patrick Manjashi for the seat.


In Kabompo West constituency, the local government by-elections are taking place in Kamafwafwa, Kayombo, Chikonkwelo and Kativa wards.


The PF candidates in the four wards are Paddy Chisola, Roy Kusaloka, Daniel Mukonda and Kaliye Chondo as candidates, in the same order.


The opposition MMD candidates in the respective wards are Noel Sanji, Moses Kaputula, Morgan Ndombwe and Robert Sachilulika.


And the UPND is contesting the four Kabompo west ward by-elections through Kenneth Kolongo, Edwin Kalolu, Reuben Mihganja and Morgan Chimbwili in the same order.