Government warns medical personnel working while drunk

The late Deputy Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu and his wife Edah

Deputy Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu has strongly reiterated government’s warning to medical personnel that report for work in a drunken state.

Dr. Chikusu said it was criminal for any medical personnel to attend to patients while drunk.

He said the escalating reports of health personnel reporting for work while drunk were disturbing.

He told ZANIS government will take disciplinary action against any worker that will be found wanting.

Dr. Chikusu has since urged health workers in the country to desist from unlawful behaviours which do not help patients to recover quickly.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chikusu has disclosed that government has allocated KR35 million for the continuous recruitment of personnel in the health sector this year.

Dr. Chikusu said government was working hard to address the serious shortage of health personnel in all health centres in the country.

He has also cautioned members of the public against harassing health workers saying government will ensure that all Zambians have access to quality health care services.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chikusu has said male circumcisions was still part of government 2013 health programmes aimed at reducing new HIV infections.

He has since urged all males in the country to get circumcised adding that circumcised men have lower chances of contracting sexually transmitted disease such as HIV.

Dr. Chikusu has also called on mothers to ensure that their sons are circumcised when they are still.